Equine Bodywork Services:

All Sessions Include:

-Full Body Evaluation

-Customized Session Based Off of Horses Individual Performance Needs



45-60 Min Session


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Post-Injury Session

Working with your Veternarian, this session includes bodywork and Kinesio taping directly related to the rehabilitation from an injury or assistance from coming off stall rest.

Submit request via Contact page.


Two-horse minimum at barns located 60+ miles from Santa Paula.  


At this time, Coastal Equine Bodywork is generally able to schedule local sessions within 1-3 weeks of first contact.  Barn sites at a greater distance require advanced planning.  While I strive to be available for last minute appointments, I am unable to service first-time clients on an emergency basis. 


Cancelations must be done 24 hours before your appointment. Please note that your deposit becomes nonrefundable with a cancelation within the 24 hours before your appointment.